Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well Fuck Me!

According to some research today, swearing in the workplace can actually remove stress.

As I work in a place where swearing is actually encouraged - and recommended by management - I can heartily fucking agree.

Unfortunately, in the US a woman has been charged with swearing in her own house. As ever, the Register provides the information - despite the obvious lack of a technology angle.

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Blogger Janey B said...

Was studying today, yes I was! Am writing my Aggression chapter and all the scientific research points to the fact that catharsis/ expressing anger (or the Hydraulic Theory if we wanna be posh) is actually bollocks. Instead of releasing tension, expressing anger/aggression actually heightens aggression affect, increases your heart rate, and can lead to headaches, heart attacks etc. etc.

Having said that, I do like a good fucking swear at home when I'm frustrated :D


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