Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Can't Believe It's Been A Year!


Avast ye land lubbers and swab the decks! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day!



Anonymous Oxy said...

Talk like a pirate? So what does a pirate talk like? Where does this myth that pirates say 'yarrr' come from?

My bet is that it's from Robert Louis Stevensons book Treasure Island, which itself probably influenced Peter Pan. Having read both Treasure Island starts set along the North Cornwall coast, so that would be a Cornish accent, though I think I remember reading somewhere that the bloke in the Disney film was from Dorset....

So it's a proper west country accent, and is probably true to real pirates since large numbers of sailors were press ganged into the navy from the west country, especially in Bristol and Plymouth, and then the mutineed and became pirates.

You lot know I've ranted before about crap west country accents on tell and film, and that's where this bollocksy pirate accent comes from, it's an accent that has never existed since it certainly ain't a westcountry one, and I should blooming well know.

So it should be renamed talk like Devonian day

Whatever next, pirates with a fake accent drinking crappy bottled cider with ice

Blogger silas said...

Blimey. A coherent comment on here! Wonders will never cease.

So, what you're saying, in all essence is, you love Magners?

Anonymous Oxy said...

Not really. In essence I hate hearing badly done wescountry accents even more than I hate bottled rip-off cider on ice

Anonymous Oxy said...

I think it's been my week for working out what should be in room 101


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