Friday, September 28, 2007

Smokers! You're Next

Despite being one of the biggest income earners for the ex-Chancellor (through Duty paid on tobacco products) and one of the least likely groups to be worrying the inevitable pensions shortfall in coming years (due to dying conveniently early) smokers are yet again being targetted by the Government.

Having introduced legislation in August to make public enclosed spaces 'smoke free' (which roughly translated means pretty much anywhere - for example outdoor platforms on train stations, outside King's Cross station, and possibly in your own Council house) there is news today that even smoking in your own car could be banned in the near future (smoking in company vehicles is already banned under the current legislation).

Okay, that's not *exactly* what it says, so don't panic just yet, but the Government seem to have gone from this position in May - where the Department of Health said there were no plans to introduce a ban - to this news item today, where smoking drivers would be charged if it is thought they were driving without due care and attention.

Funnily enough, smokers action group (now there's an oxymoron if ever I've heard one) Forest say "There's not a shred of evidence that smoking is a cause of accidents, or any more of a distraction than changing a CD or air-conditioning controls. They're treating adults as if we're all stupid. Our concern is that they say it's just a guideline now but within a year or two there will be people who say 'let's ban smoking while driving'."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now looky here, I like a chuff on the old crack pipe whilst driving through Englands 'green and pleasant' as much as the next man... but I have to admit it IS HARD to concentrate/ drive on the leafy lanes when I am trying to co-ordinate lighter and pipe with both hands off the wheel... the solution, I have found, is to NEVER leave the house.

Blogger silas said...

The main problem you have, my hard smoking amigo, is that you sank your car while trying to drive round the Norfolk B roads and actually went on the Norfolk Broads.

You might want to consider putting more tobacco in with your stash.


Blogger silas said...

As has already been pointed out on the BBC's Magazine Monitor page, in the latter article, one of the people is concerned about people "holding a cigarette in one hand whilst lighting it with the other".

I can only presume that this person has never attempted to light a cigarette in that manner. Most people prefer to hold the cigarette in their mouth whilst lighting it.


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