Friday, September 28, 2007

Backing Away From Blair

Gordon Brown seems to have been spending the past couple of days at the Labour Party conference telling people that nothing that happened over the past ten years was anything to do with him. Despite being the Chancellor himself, everything that happened before his coronation was entirely the fault of Tony Blair.

Interesting, some would say almost Stalinist, revisionist history there. 24hr drinking is "under review". Super casino plans are "being reviewed". Cannabis "shouldn't have been reclassified". Invading Iraq was "mistake". Surely it's not long before Tony Blair is airbrushed completely out of this new history?

On the upside though, Home Office Minister Tony McNulty - who I've quoted before regarding the DNA Database - has said that the reactions to the 7/7 bombings were a "mistake", particularly, "Mr Blair's argument that people must be ready to accept reductions in their civil liberties in the fight against terror". Shame none of you spineless twats said anything at the time the terror controls were actually put in place, isn't it?

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