Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Mike Ashley

I've just got home from watching Newcastle at the Emirates tonight, and I have to say that disappointed doesn't really come close to expressing what I feel right now.

After the encouraging performance on Sunday, I had hoped that the manager (and I use the term advisedly) had realised that playing wide attacking players with two strikers was a "good thing"(tm). But no. And in retrospect I realise that me even thinking he'd had a revelation was just crazy. Sunday's result was a fluke and the previous game against Derby was more representative of his style of play.

Starting with just the one striker (despite the presence of two more elsewhere on the pitch) against a less than spectacular Arsenal central pairing was negative, but I can see the justification from a tactical point of view I suppose. Having Shola Ameobi (a right footed striker) playing outside on the left wing, while playing Charles N'Zogbia (a left footed winger) in a central position, however, is inexcusable.

For a supposed "master tactician", Allardyce has shown his inability to utilise the players at his disposal. Defensively we look as inept as we were last season while we still had Bramble. Our midfield is lacking creativity and width. Our attack seems to comprise entirely of the long ball over the top. This is not attractive football. More importantly, this is not successful football. Allardyce has won nothing, and this will continue unless the format changes.

His purchases, particularly £6million for Smith, have been questionable at best. Rozehnal is probably the only player he's bought who is fit to wear the shirt. Also, a quick question: did we buy Habib Beye as a right back? If so, why? He was out of position for most of the evening, being dragged inside and leaving plenty of space for Arsenal to explore down their left wing. This was spectacularly shown in the run up to a clear cut effort in the first half (where Bendtner missed) and the last goal (where Denilson didn't).

Seeing as there are far more talented managers available - and ones who may even want to join Newcastle at the first time of asking, rather than when the England job was definitely out of his reach - please consider removing the current encumbant from the post as soon as possible.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin Jol will be available soon I fancy....


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