Friday, May 25, 2007

Man From UEFA Being Funny Shock.

You may not care, but there was "ticketing chaos" in the Athens stadium where this year's UEFA Champions League Final was taking place. Apparently, hundreds of supporters with genuine tickets were kept outside the stadium as lots of people were already inside having used fake tickets.

So Michael Howard (remember him?) was on the radio this morning complaining that: "I didn't think the match should have been held at the stadium. It's not a football stadium and is not equipped to cope with that number of people. That is not acceptable and Uefa really need to look at their procedures and make sure everything is all in order."

To which Uefa spokesman William Gaillard said: "It is very easy to say it is not a suitable stadium, coming from the man that invented the poll tax."

Which doesn't really make a fantastic amount of sense when you think about it, but is miles better than, "why don't you just shut up and fuck off" which is essentially what it does say. And it's funny, I think.

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