Friday, May 18, 2007

Dubya Becomes Self-Aware

I know, I was as surprised as the rest of you, but it seems that George Bush Jnr has finally realised that there might be global consequences to his actions.

Speaking yesterday at a White House Press Conference, Dubya admitted that he "could be" partially responsible for the early departure of Tony Blair from his time as Prime Minister.

Which is a good start. Now let's just see if he can come to terms with America's contribution to climate change, global terrorism, and how the Geneva Convention works and why they should actually be following it.

No wonder he likes to be in bed by 9pm normally, I'm sure with his previous blinkers on he slept comfortably for 12 hours. Perhaps now he'll lie there awake, nervously twitching every time he thinks of another country that justifiably hates him.



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