Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Rock! I Really Do Rock!

Sorry for the self-congratulatory tone of this post, but I've just got back from the Mucky Pup quiz, and I won!

Yep, not "we won", I won. By FIVE clear points!

Due to none of the rest of the usual suspects turning up this week, I decided to give it a go by myself. With the team name "The Sound Of One Man Clapping" I paid my £1.50 in, and came out with £25 and a super-inflated ego.

I must have done surprisingly well in the second half as I was in joint fourth after the first two rounds (despite doing reasonably well, I'd thought) three points off the leaders (a team of two called "Bono Is A Twat") who actually ended up fifth.

There's no grand point to this, just me being very pleased with myself. w00t!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one likes a gloater (7 - 5!!!!) But I suppose some kind of grudging admiration should go the way of the know it all geek (7 - 5!!!!)

Blogger Mia said...

Go Team Silas!


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