Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Mucky Pup Quiz

Went down to Islington again last night - missed last week due to being in Wales on work business - and was joined by Jamie. Our team of two fought bravely to be joint first at the half, but eventually ended up second by 7 points. Normally, I'd have been delighted with this, seeing as the winning team had five people to our two.

However, I'd been watching the team who eventually beat us from early in the first half. Normally I wouldn't, but as it was unusually quiet this week I could see pretty much everyone quite easily. From my vantage point I was convinced that one of their team was cheating and using his phone to get answers. When he then pulled out a large tube map to find out which four stations on the Underground have the word "Saint" in them, I had my suspicions confirmed.

But generally, I guess I was pleased with the result. Apart from Jamie missing his last train home and leaving his phone and wallet in the taxi before he eventually got to mine to crash on the sofa at nearly 2.30am.

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Blogger silas said...

And the four stations are;

Kings Cross St Pancras
St Paul's
St John's Wood
St James's Park

Blogger Mia said...

Ah now Silas, this smacks everso slightly of hypocrisy to me, as I seem to remember when we did the quiz, we got the tube map out to check which four stations had the name 'Square' in them (Leicester Square, Russell Square, Sloane Square and Euston Square)...but then we certainly didn't use a mobile phone, and my ability to spot a BeeGees track within half a second of the first drum beat meant we certainly didn't need to cheat on the music round.

Blogger silas said...

This is all true, but at least we were subtle in a crowded bar. This one bloke was using an A3 sized map in a fairly deserted pub.

And! There was a BeeGees track on the music round again last night. But I had to persuade Jamie that "Tragedy" wasn't an Abba track....

Blogger Mia said...

Oh dear. At least he didn't think it was Steps I suppose.


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