Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Talking CCTV Cameras

Okay, so it's the people watching the CCTV who do the talking, rather than the cameras per se, but you get the idea. You're busy doing something that someone considers is inappropriate, and out of nowhere you get told to stop doing it.

Now, I'd consider what I had been doing, and whether it was inappropriate, then either do what I was asked, or ignore it completely. What exactly can they do? Send the police to arrest me for doing something minor? Keep the image and show me on Crimewatch? I really don't think so. Particularly as I may be deaf and not have heard a word of their admonishments.

What I actually want to know is, do the cameras also have microphones to go along with the speakers? Because if they do, then I would love to get involved with a long and involved conversation/argument with whoever was operating it explaining that I took a dim view of this intrusion into my civil liberties.

I note that the trial of this system took place in Middlesbrough, and worked quite well. This isn't really a surprise. The Smoggies have only recently discovered electricity, so having someone who isn't there talking to you must be like some kind of witchcraft to them. The poles on which these things are sited probably have piles of wood propped up against them ready for a new moon burning.

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Blogger Halaleset said...

I have an image in my head now, of you standing in a busy street, shouting and shaking your fist at 'something' that's above you. Made me laugh heartily :D

H x


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