Thursday, April 05, 2007

ID Cards, Yet Again.

I was just reading this article about how in 2004 the Government expected a third of people to resist the ID Card they're planning to issue. It's relatively interesting in regards to that alone, but there's more in there to note.

Two things in particular leap out. Firstly, the Government supressed the report and actively tried to stop Mark Oaten MP from releasing it under the Freedom of Information Act, and it took the Information Commissioner himself to force its eventual release. Even then it took a tribunal to back the Commissioner before the Government would relent.

Secondly, in the last paragraph, the article says "if (Labour) wins the next election, (it plans) to bring in new legislation to make it compulsory to own - but not necessarily carry - a card." Now hold on just a minute there, was I asleep when they announced this? I don't recall hearing this before, so I've just mailed the Labour Party to see if it's true.

If it is, I'm going to start a campaign to get people to vote and deliberately spoil their ballot papers. I cannot agree with a party that intends to make this compulsory, and I can't actually agree with either of the other main parties.

Dissent is the only thing left. Use it before that gets taken away as well.

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