Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lara Croft Bust

From The Daily Mail (sorry) via The Register comes a story of a man (David Williams) in Manchester who, after calling the police to report 'nuisance phone calls' gets a visit from the boys in blue. Unfortunately, they spy the silhouette of his Lara Croft mannequin and assume he's being held hostage.

Following procedure, they then cordone off the street and call for armed back up. Given recent events regarding the death of officers in the line of duty, this isn't so unusual, and would normally be commended. The armed back-up arrive and duly smash their way into his house through the back door.

Now at this point, you'd kind of hope they might realise their mistake. But no, the Greater Manchester Police actually seem to compound it - by arresting Mr Williams and holding him at the scene for 13 hours, before bailing him on firearm offences. He will apparently find out next month if the police are planning on taking the matter further.

Weirldly enough, Mr Williams is talking to his lawyer about "suing for a possible claim for wrongful arrest".



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