Thursday, May 24, 2007

Have I Got News For You!?!

Went to see the recording of this week's "Have I Got News For You" this evening at the London Studios with Lianna Ovenden. Having previously attempted and failed to get in - as they always issue more than there is space - we had guaranteed admittance tickets this time and ended up being three rows behind Ian Hislop and pretty much opposite Paul Merton.

Guests were James May from "Top Gear" and the BBC's Political Editor, Nick Robinson. The celebrity host this week was Alexander Armstrong (one half of Armstrong and Miller) and more recently whoring Pimms in the television adverts.

Be interested to see what gets into the final edit, as I'm not sure Paul Merton's repeated suggestion that Prince Philip was responsible for the fire on the Cutty Sark will get past the lawyers. Nor the suggestion that Gordon Brown and David Cameron are having a homosexual affair with each other.

If you don't want to know the result, don't look in the comments.



Blogger silas said...

It ended a 6-6 draw, with a great comeback in the second half by Merton and Robinson.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

to silas i say the scores don't matter; its just a format for comedy. And of cource they showed that stuff, it was clearly meant as a joke. If you cant joke these days without being sued, i dont think life is worth living

Blogger silas said...

To the anonymous poster; I know the scores don't matter, hence I used the style the news use when they're giving football scores.

And tragically, I fear that the days when people sue because they've been offended by a joke are probably not far off. But until then, hurrah for comedy.

Blogger Mia said...

Hurrah for comedy indeed. Though I'm beginning to suspect that the anonymous poster might not have quite the same comic leanings as you and I...

That Jim Davidson's funny, isn't he?


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