Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Blog

I've just added a new blog to my repertoire, basically aiming to annoy as many Christians as possible.

The Devil sends me a huge amount of Mormon and regular Christian blog sites, and some of them are worthy of a slightly wider audience for their sheer comedy value alone.

If anyone else finds any religious blog sites worthy of derision, do send them to me via the comments section of the new blog.

I thank you.

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Anonymous The Devil said...

Woo hoo, finally I get the recognition I deserve for finding the comedy in people's utter belief that you are going to save them. Still, at least we get to annoy one crack job a day. Hopefully people will get into the swing of this, and we can find even more people to abuse.

Why oh why oh why do they think YOU are the benevolent one, when you won't even buy me shoes. And I have put up with you for two years. For that I deserve a freaken medal.

Although, in reality, I have put up with you for a lot longer, and I do have all the fun. That's why there is only one devil, and a gazillion gods. Damn it sucks to be you!

Blogger Janey B said...

You asked for religious nutcase sites. I know you will find this link very amusing Silas. Even more amusing when you notice what is behind the blog's intent. Enjoy!

*waves at Suzi* Everyone needs shoes!


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