Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Made Me Laugh

Yes, I know, I'm a sick man.

Palmeiras coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo has suffered a broken arm after being attacked by his club's own fans. "It was the attitude of vandals," he told reporters.

Not funny so far, I grant you. Comedy bit follows.
"If we had known Palmeiras were going to lose 5-2 against Flamengo two days later, we'd have broken one of his legs as well," declared a fan's spokesman.
Now *that* is supporting your team.

H/T The Fiver

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Anonymous The Devil said...

Hmmmm. I really do think we let the FA and the refs get away with far too much in this country. We should be learning from this.

I need shoes.

In return, I shall break the legs of a couple of key premiership refs. Maybe.


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