Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Something That Caught My Eye

In the on-going debate about the death of Baby P, I see that a former social worker, Nevres Kemal, claims she sent a letter to the Department of Health in February 2007 stating her concerns about Haringey Council's failings with regard to child protection.

The bit in this report on the BBC that caught my eye, however, was the following:
Ms Kemal has been banned from discussing the matter after local authority took out an injunction against her.
For what, exactly? Being right?

How can a local authority take an injunction out against a former employee (or indeed anyone else) for discussing something SHE brought to THEIR attention?

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Anonymous The devil said...

Isn't it amazing how China is considered backwards for being a 'communist', yet we live in a fucking dictatorship.

Viva la revolution.

When I take over, there will be no children to abuse. Just be warned.

BTW ... in case you were wondering, all three of you that read the hobbit's comments, the devil is a bored girl today, and she clearly needs sleep. Or shoes. So tell the hobbit to buy her shoes!


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