Monday, January 14, 2008

What I'm Up To Soon

So, handily, this weekend I don't seem to have anything planned. Which is, as you'll see, quite unusual. I'm hoping to meet Dave Sherlock for a pint (or two) though, as I'm going to be missing the official opening of his new pub, The Hope on Feb 2nd.

I would have been there then, but unfortunately due to a clash of dates, I'm actually going to be in Sardinia that weekend instead! Yep, thanks to Suzi and the Ryan Air free flights deal, we're off to Alghero for the weekend. Well, technically we're there for just over 24 hours, but it is at a weekend, so I'm calling it a weekend away.

The weekend after this (26th & 27th), my flatmate Jane, is off to Canada for the wedding/civil ceremony of Mickey & Miron. So I'll be looking after the (feathered) birds and probably sitting naked in the lounge covered in chips. Mmmm, chips.

The weekend after that is Sardinia, as previous mentioned, then the weekend after that I'm going to watch kick boxing! Went a few months ago and really enjoyed it, so we're off again that Saturday. No plans as yet for the Sunday, but I'm sure something will come up.

The Saturday after that (16th Feb) we're seeing the Dropkick Murphy's at Brixton Academy, followed by another visit there on the Monday night to see Jimmy Eat World. Then the weekend after that (23rd Feb) a trip back up to Newcastle to see Jimmy Eat World again (as well as my brother and Margaret) before flying back to London on the Monday lunchtime.

Handily we've nothing planned for the first weekend in March, but the next weekend, we're off to Girona (near Barcelona) for the night before flying home on the Sunday.

So basically, if you think I'm ignoring you, or you just don't see as much of me as you used to, I hope the above explains why! I probably don't hate you. I mean, I might, but it is unlikely. Unless your name happens to be Sam Allardyce, then I do hate you.

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Anonymous The Devil said...

Oh come on. You and I both know you hate every one. And every thing. Coz you are a ranty bugger, aren't ya?

BTW ... you are so not invited to any of the gigs anymore, unless I get some ... footwear. You know what I mean. Starts with S. Ends with Hoes!


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