Monday, December 17, 2007

Smoking Outdoors

Since July 2007, it has become illegal to smoke indoors in pretty much every building in the UK (although apparently not in the bar in the House of Commons). However, since then, it has also become very tricky to smoke outdoors in an ever increasing number of places.

You can't, for example, smoke on the pavement in front of Kings Cross station in London (at least not on the yellow markings). Much to my surprise at the weekend, I also discovered you can no longer smoke in the outdoor shopping market in Enfield. Despite them having ashtrays set on top of the bins. And this only applies, oddly, to the old section (with the red brick floor) not the new bit (with the grey flagstones).

Two questions. First up, does anyone have any other examples of places you can no longer smoke? Secondly, if anyone of a legal persuasion is reading this, what, if any, is the offence if I smoke outdoors on private property where there are instructions telling me not to smoke? I feel a legal challenge coming on.

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Blogger jamesh said...

I figure that most, if not all, train stations have a similar policy then since I noticed plenty of signs outside Manchester Picadilly whilst waiting in the taxi rank.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to have a rifter bifter on a National Express coach, which was going some 235 miles that day, I was stopped about 23 seconds after lighting it... 4 quick drags... heh... you'll never take me a live coppppppppppppppppppp


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