Monday, December 10, 2007

Spanish Holidays

So, got up at 5.15am on Saturday morning, drove to the airport and flew to Spain. Nice bit of the jet-setting, carbon-footprint-increasing (although I don't feel too bad as I don't have children) lifestyle I lead. Got to Girona (about 1hr North of Barcelona) and after a very short time, realised the place was pretty much shut.

According to three separate locals, it was because of some Spanish holiday. Although why they do it on a Saturday is a bit beyond me, seeing as office and factory workers traditionally don't work weekends. Mind you, most of Spain also has (or had up until very recently) the luxury of a good couple of hours kip in the middle of the afternoon every day, so they know a thing or two about taking the piss with regards to time off.

So anyway, we had a brief wander round Girona, sat in a park by the bus station for a couple of hours then flew home. Weather in Spain was lovely though - twice as hot as London, and not raining in the slightest. Going to aim to go back at some point in the New Year and have a couple of days, plus maybe weekends to Dublin and Amsterdam.

Which leads me to the main reason for this post - no, it wasn't to gloat about being in Spain - does anyone have any recommendations for nice places to go for the weekend that aren't in the UK, but can be reached in about 2 hours flying time?

Add answers in the comments, ta!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wales is very nice... and, if my plan works, will be drifting slowly but inexorably towards Ireland in the New Year... the is to connect it to the east coast of Ireland let McMurphy deal with the mountains and the rain and the sheep... its a terrible drain on our economy...


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