Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Am A Slack Bastard

Well, I am. I've just realised how little I've posted to this blog over the past few months or so. And I could say it was because I've been busy, or whatever, but given how much Mia's posted on hers - despite moving to Canada, living in shared accommodation and not having access to the internet at one point - that's not really going to wash.

I could say that there's been nothing happening in the news recently that's made me want to post. Although as there's been defeat after hapless defeat for Newcastle United, blunder after scandalous blunder by HM Government and their agencies and lots of other things I would normally rant about, that wouldn't be strictly true either.

So yeah, the reason I've not been blogging recently is because I am a fat, slack bastard. But I will try to post more often - although there's hardly been a clamour from the world at large.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think you are a slack bastard.

Anonymous The Devil said...

Silas, you are a slack bastard, so who stop paying who ever wrote that you weren't! You could spend the money far more wisely. On something like shoes!!!!!!

Blogger silas said...

I think Robbie (and I assume it was Mr Thomas) was suggesting that while I may not be a slack bastard, I am most definitely fat.


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