Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's Been A Year

Yep, it's been a complete year since we first won the Mucky Pup pub quiz!

And I remember it very well. I arrived a bit later than usual, having done the Independent crossword on the train. Charlie arrived very late and ended up on a bar stool. The picture round had photos of famous people when they were kids. We thought Maggie Thatcher was either Trinny or Susannah. We thought Germaine Greer was Maggie Thatcher.

I remember it very well for another reason too. Having that total feeling of "wow" pretty much constantly over the course of the evening. A feeling that's still right here. Being totally amazed and enthralled. Awe inspired, and quite interested. For talks of angry dolphins, Adam, Stan, folding mechanisms and killing Phil Collins that were still to come.

Just wish I'd won this evening to commemorate it properly!

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Blogger silas said...

And bizarrely, "Something Tells Me, I'm Into Something Good" was on the audio round again this week!

As it had been last year, but this time I was by myself and didn't have Hanson trying to persuade me it wasn't by Herman's Hermits.

Anonymous The devil said...

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear!


L for love


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwwww.....happy anniversary!


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