Friday, December 14, 2007

Fuck Your Laws... GLUG GLUG GLUG

From the legends at The Register, a story about a 64 year old German man, who when told he couldn't take his 1L bottle of vodka into the cabin of his connecting flight - ditch it or pay for it to be put in the hold - decided to drink the whole thing.

I salute the man. He is in a German hospital having been diagnosed with life-threatening alcohol poisoning, but you have to admire such determination. Particularly in the face of such stupidity from officials. You're allowed to take Duty Free on board planes, and this was a connecting flight.

As has also been pointed out to me, for some people I know, that is merely a warm up to a bigger drinking session. For other people I know (/me waves at Feldman) this is probably the only tactic that would allow them to get onto the plane in the first place.

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