Monday, January 14, 2008

What I've Done So Far This Year

So it's already a couple of weeks into January and I've not written anything for nearly a month (and thanks to Mia for the kick up the arse). So a quick recap of what I've been up to recently.

New Year was spent in South London with Suzi, then back to work for the next two days before a drive up to Newcastle for my brother and his wife's joint 50th Birthday party. It's actually not Geoff's birthday until July, but as it's their 25th Wedding Anniversary in June and there's a lot of people heading up for that, he decided to have his 50th celebrations when Margaret's took place.

Surprisingly nice time was had, saw a lot of people I'd not seen for years (decades in some cases) and spent the majority of the evening chatting to them. Line of the evening was Peter's who, noticing Suzi was on soft drinks with a hand on her still sore stomach, leans over and says "Is there something you're not telling us?". I laughed. I think Suzi would have killed him if she hadn't been feeling so rough!

Drove back to London on the Sunday afternoon and got back to mine early evening. Drove Suzi back to hers on the Monday (having taken the day off work thinking I'd be driving back on the Monday from Newcastle) and was back at work on the Tuesday. Work - which I'll rarely talk about on here as it's quite dull unless you're a geek - is still busy, and has been getting increasingly hectic for over a year now. I am so hoping for a lottery win.

Speaking of feeling like a million dollars, this past weekend I went shopping for clothes (I am segue-tastic). Having spent a few years living as a fat man, I still dress like one, despite having lost a reasonable amount of weight. So I look for the Large & X-Large range. I've now discovered that I should be looking in the Medium to Large ranges instead. I've also found that I can fit comfortably in the next size of jeans down from what I was wearing (w00 h00)! So that was jolly good for the soul.

Then Saturday night I was off to Hannah's house for her birthday. I'm not normally a fan of house parties, but I actually really enjoyed this one. Was nice to be stood in the kitchen and chat to a whole load of people I'd not seen for months. Just a shame I couldn't hang around for a bit longer, but that's work for you.

So, that's what I've been up to since New Year. Not terribly exciting, but mostly very enjoyable. I'll post what I've got to look forward to over the next 8 weeks and you can be amazed at how busy a boy can be!



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