Tuesday, December 18, 2007

John Smeaton Honoured By Queen

For those of you who don't remember him, John Smeaton is the Glasgow Airport baggage handler who "restrained" one of the "suicide bombers" who attacked the airport in June 2007. By "restrained" of course I mean "kicked in the balls" and by "suicide bomber" I mean "man on fire".

By a curious coincidence, Frankie Boyle was on "Live At The Apollo" last night and was commenting on exactly that incident "they should use a photo of him on a poster with the phrase "Welcome to Scotland" on it". To paraphrase (apologies as it won't be as funny);

"You're trying to bring religious hatred to Glasgow? You're about 400 years too late, and you don't even have a football team! The press were saying it was terrible that all these holidaymakers were going to be burned alive. The thing they were missing is, these were Scots heading to Spain; so it's the same thing but without the flights. And the police were thankful the bombers didn't get to the fuel storage. I was more concerned they might have made it to the crowds holding their Duty Free! It would've been like Hiroshima if that lot had gone up."



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