Monday, December 17, 2007

National Smoking Day

While looking for answers to the post below, I came across a site which proposes a day of civil disobedience by smokers. It also raises points I've mentioned previously about just where the Government will stop in deciding what you can and cannot do (drinkers, I still think you're next).

National Smoking Day is planned to take place on December 31st this year, and the organisers are hoping that there won't need to be another one after this. Although I suspect that there'll have to be many, many more. Unless it's combined with a coup as I mentioned in a previous post.

The "event" has tacit support from FOREST (as you would expect) and a growing number of premises that will not stop people from smoking should they want to on that day.

How successful this is will depend on just how bothered security and local officials are going to be in stopping what should be a peaceful (if smoky) protest, given how much drunkenness and fighting there's likely to be going on at the same time.



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