Friday, November 03, 2006

Quick Post About Football

There's been precious little to cheer about this season if you're a Newcastle United fan. Shearer retires. Owen gets injured at the World Cup and it'll be amazing if he plays again this season. Ameobi is likely to need a hip operation and may not play after January. Dyer gets nearly fit (after about a decade out) then manages to injure himself in training by running into a pole(!) and misses some more games. Given is injured, then his replacement (Harper) gets injured in the next match.

So when Newcastle flew out to play Palermo (joint leaders in the Italian Serie A) for a UEFA Cup match and we left Carr, Duff, Emre and Martins back home - as well as the injured mentioned above - I have to admit I wasn't expecting anything apart from a loss.

As George Michael so nearly said "I should've had faith". We won!

Okay, there'll be more posts soon about privacy being removed, banks being arses, the US being the new Roman Empire, and terror being the new control over the population, but for the minute, let me enjoy Newcastle winning something. Ta.



Anonymous Oxycutor said...

Of all the depressing things you have mentioned about NUFC, you have failed to mention having Titua Bramble in defence. Or is that something buried deep in because of severe trauma

Blogger silas said...

You know Ox, I was >< that close to putting in something about Bramble still being at Newcastle, but as I think he's leaving in January I didn't want to jinx the deal.

Blogger Mia said...

blah blah blah...

Blogger kingoftheforks said...

Christ, I'm barely breathing, I'm so bored...


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