Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some More Ranting, Mainly About Adverts

The New Corsa advert bothers me. I may be mis-reading it here, but as it features a load of stuffed creature type things lusting after the car, it says "Driven by Muppets" to me. Which surely can't be what the advertising agency were suggesting? I mean, it's probably true, but they can't actually be suggesting it, can they?

And, in the new Fairy Non-Bio Conditioner advert, where they're celebrating getting the new award for being hypo-allergenic, the baby/logo is using a ladder to reach. The ladder is made of towelling. If you can make a ladder out of towelling then frankly your conditioner is not working. That's a hint, you can have that one for free.

I also note that the advert telling people it's probably okay to drive into kids at 30mph hasn't been on television recently. Which is a shame. No worry though, I've found it here so you can enjoy it all over again.

I found that on this site which also publishes statistics on how excessive speed has been a contributing factor in so many percent of accidents. Interestingly (to me, anyway) is that the "Estimates exclude results from West Midlands". Which suggests that either they skew the average one way or the other (thus rendering these figures meaningless) or the West Midlands area realises that excessive speed normally causes accidents when something else is involved - like drink-driving, stolen car etc. - and not just people doing 85mph in a 70mph zone.



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