Friday, September 22, 2006

Fingerprinting Children In Schools - A Follow-Up.

After posting the recent bit about fingerprinting of schoolchildren in the UK, I sent an email to Grant Shapps MP - who is mentioned in the DNA Database article - to see what his opinion was about fingerprinting. He mailed me back saying that he wasn't supposed to be involved in discussions with non-constituents and asked me to contact my local MP. Which I did.

Got a reply yesterday which is here;

Dear Silas

David Burrowes has asked me to email you on his behalf to thank you for your recent email about the fingerprinting of school children.

He would like to assure you that he is totally opposed to the idea of fingerprinting school children and agrees with the comments you made in your email.

I hope that this serves to re-assure you.

Kind regards
Rebecca Smith

Office of David Burrowes MP
Member of Parliament for Enfield Southgate

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