Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Imagine What Would Happen Here!

There's been an uprising in Budapest overnight. Which is probably scaring the crap out of the Cannonball Run people who arrived there last night.

Can you imagine what would happen here if the British people discovered Tony Blair had lied and lied again?

Such as promising in a pre-election manifesto of 2001 that there would be no top-up fees? Then admitting in 2004 that "We simply cannot duck the funding issue. There is no Plan B. There is no pain-free option of extending opportunity and building a quality higher-education system for the many - not just the few - without someone paying for it."

Or telling parliament that the UN Nuclear Inspectors had been barred access from sites - denied strongly and repeatedly by Hans Blix - when this had never been the case? Or that the Iraqi's had "Weapons of Mass Destruction" capable of being used "within 45 minutes", when no such weapons existed and any that had previously were destroyed in compliance with UN mandate?

It seems that what the British public would do - as opposed to the Hungarians - is to re-elect Blair, rather than impeach him or set fire to his house. And watch the opposition parties fail to make any inroads whatsoever. Blair is becoming - with apologies to Harry Harrison - the Stainless Steel Rat of politics.

It's not the opposition that's going to get him out of power, it's his own party.

I've come to the conclusion that there is no effective opposition party in this country any longer. The Tories had a vampire lead them to their last election defeat and are now run by someone who looks suspiciously like a children's entertainer or a trendy vicar. The Lib Dems were led by an alcoholic - and are now being run by someone's grandfather - who looks like looks like becoming leader again now he's a dull and worthy recovering alcoholic.

If Boris Johnson leaves the Conservative Party, I'd happily vote for him. Let's show America that they aren't the only ones who can have a complete idiot as a leader. Vote Johnson! He cuts his own hair! Liverpool hates him! Entire countries hate him!

Let's show the world the contempt it deserves and send Boris Johnson to represent us on our behalf. What better statement can a country make?


Blogger Mia said...

Whatever happened to Esperanto?

Blogger silas said...

Still officially a language and apparently still being used by "a community estimated between 100,000 and 2million" which as estimates go, isn't a very good one.


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