Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Isn't That Illegal? Oh Wait, You're The Police.

I particularly liked the bit where the chief constable of South Yorkshire Police says "There have been a number of cases where people feel that justice has not been done... where people have evaded the law having driven cars recklessly and at very high speeds."

You don't mean this do you? Because yeah, I would agree that justice hadn't been done there.

However, the police have a plan! Oh yes. The police say they will be keeping a close eye on drivers who they think have been wrongly acquitted of crimes. The chief constable said "And if they haven't mended their ways we have an attitude in the police service that we'll see them again sometime."

Which does sound strangely like a breach of civil liberties - again. Liberty spokesman James Welch said "If [the chief constable] is suggesting that police officers are going to target people they consider have been unjustly acquitted - meaning they are going to stop them on a number of occasions when they don't have a good reason - then that should be wrong in principle and probably is almost certainly illegal as well."


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