Monday, August 28, 2006

Children's Names

If I'd been born a girl, I would have been called Claire Louise. So, fortunately, I was born a boy, because obviously my name is so much better than that...

I mention this because of the conversation I had with Steve Barkess at the weekend. It turns out that in the 20 years since I last saw him, he has, amongst other things, got married and had kids. And he's named his kids (both boys) Akira and Ulysses. Which I'm sure will delight them in later life.

Fabulous names. Not sure they'd be my choice, although I am warming to calling a child Akira, but fabulous names nonetheless. I think I'll stick with Jack & Edie should I ever have children.


Blogger kingoftheforks said...

Given that your real name is -

"Silas Hildebrande Hand-Shandy Ivor Teanci Coq P Jessup"

I'm reserving the right to (admittedly , as usual) disregard your opinions on this subject.

Blogger Sleepkid said...

Having been Hanson, Chesney, Macauley (sp?) and many many others I am unsure of my feelings on the subject!

Blogger Demelza said...

Hello? Well being called Demelza (Cornish for 'thy sweet honey') has been difficult especially the early years. Mainly because people are stupid and cant read....DE-MEL-ZA. I get Damzella, Demeeza, Demerera or Ezmerelda (the bells the bells yeah ha bloody ha).

Really though it's my surname that's the problem, altough a traditional Cornish surname it can be embarrassing. It's Cocks. C-O-C-K-S. As I often say to people at call centres when they query the spelling "Yes as in penises".

I often thought to myself it must be worse for my brothers as I can lose the maiden name. Funny though one of my ex-boyfriends surname was Beever. I now find myself dating someone with the surname Wylly. Maybe I'll never escape having a genital surname.

Blogger Demelza said...

Just had another thought....My kids will have the best porn name ever (first pet's name + mothers maiden name). I'd better make sure we call the dog "Sucks, Likes or takes"...... Words I often find as my new middle name on my business cards when left laying around.

Blogger silas said...

Heh. My Pornstar name would be a deeply unsatisfying Joey Greives.

I didn't know that Demelza was a Cornish name. It is a cool name. Love the photos on your site btw.

I'll send the one of Matt snogging me....

Blogger Demelza said...

Hmmm can't wait. Not only is my blokes surname genital he kisses other men. Tee hee.


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