Friday, August 18, 2006

11 H & S in the CSR for FC

My friend Hanson (not his real name, just an unfortunate similarity) found a fantastic pub quiz in Islington. Handily, it's also in a fantastic pub, the "Mucky Pup" just off Essex Road. We like Islington as it's inconvenient for both of us.

There was a free jukebox the evening we were there, and there was the widest selection of music on it I think I've ever seen: John Otway, Captain Beefheart, Sex Pistols, Jam, modern stuff etc. The food was excellent, and there was a reasonably wide selection if you aren't vegetarian, and just the one if you are.

The quiz, however, was the highlight for us. Just the most bizarre rounds (the specialist rounds this week were "Ghosts" and "British Comedy") mixed in with the more usual "General Knowledge" and an infuriating "Music" round - where you get short clips of songs and have to identify them. There was also a "Marathon" round which is apparently a picture round that you have the whole length of the quiz to complete, but this week was slightly more obscure.

Basically, the first "question" was "13 L in a BD" and you had to work out this meant, 13 LOAVES in a BAKER'S DOZEN. There were more - 30 in all - but the one that took us the longest to work out was the title to this post, "11 H & S in the CSR for FC". Hanson, bless him, got it eventually - although I have no idea how. I'll put the answer on the comments page so you can have a think about that, without going mad for the lack of closure.

And, certain people (yes, you) may be interested to know that they don't have any TV screens, so they don't show any football, or indeed, anything. A round of two Guinnesses and two IPAs came to about £11, which I don't think is too bad. And the food, wow. I'll not go on about it, as I've noticed I have a tendancy to talk about food a lot.

So, if anyone is in the Islington area next week, may I suggest you come down and join the quizzers? There's a fair chance the picture round will be back, and it's guaranteed that the specialist rounds will have changed. Quiz starts 8.30pm.


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11 Herbs & Spices in the Colonel's Secret Recipe for Fried Chicken.


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