Friday, August 18, 2006

Used To Be A Comedian, Now A Chef.

There used to be a time - about three or four years ago - when people I didn't know used to come up to me and ask me if I was a comedian. Most memorably, I was in a pub in Beckenham with Gee & Vix when a lady on the next table leaned over and said "Are you some sort of comedian", to which I replied "Where I come from, that's an invitation for a fight, but it's okay, I've moved". Hilarity then failed to ensue.

This happened about seven or eight times over the course of a year and initially I thought I must be amusing, then I thought, "maybe they think I'm a cross between Ross Noble and Johnny Vegas" (who, as an aside, was an answer in a pub quiz I went to on Wednesday).

Anyhoo, it's been a while since anyone has accused me of being a comedian. Probably because I've stopped being funny or something. Increasingly though, I'm being accused of being a chef. This first happened at my brother's birthday BBQ and most recently at Adam & Rachel's wedding.

I don't think I have a chef's "look" - I don't wear checked trousers, white jacket or have a teatowel hanging from my belt loops - so I think it must be because I talk about food quite a lot: what I've cooked recently, what recipes I like, ways of cooking things that are a bit different etc. And I'm sure people look at me and think "he must be a chef, there's no other way he could know how to cook stuff like cous cous".

So, I'm wondering, does anyone else get asked/accused of working in a particular field? Do you look like a copper? Have you the voice of a teacher? Do you dress like the landed gentry? Do you smell of fish?


Anonymous Mel said...

Well I think you're funny.....funny ha ha not funny peculiar might I add....

Blogger silas said...

Mel, try my email. silasthehobbit(at)hotmail(dot)com

I think I'm funny as well. Ha Ha, not peculiar, obviously.

Blogger Halaleset said...

Maybe it's because you're the Muppet Show chef. You're a muppet, you make a show of yourself, and you're good at cooking. See? Easy! ;)


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