Monday, August 07, 2006

Surprise Racists.

There's a guy I work with. Well, I work, he kinda sits around creating forms for us to fill in and then asking stupid questions. Anyway, he's relatively new to the company, so I didn't know that much about him until today - when I discovered he was a racist.

What I had already found out was that either his grandfather or great-grandfather was in the SS (I forget which). I found that out when I said "yeah, people probably said that about Hitler" in response to a comment about someone seeming a nice bloke. New boy (who ironically enough I'd dubbed the Ginger Hitler from when he started) then pipes up with "no, my nan told me that he had an evil presence". He then followed that up with the revelation about one of his ancestors being a Nazi.

Thinking about it, I shouldn't really have been surprised to discover he was a racist, but you'd like to think that in this day and age someone who is in his early 20's and had been to University wouldn't have those sort of opinions. Still, at least this means I can now think up ways of getting him sacked with a clear conscience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not quite sure how you think he's a racist, when all he's pretty much said is that one of his ancestors was a Nazi, and that his Nan said Hitler had an evil presence.

You can't judge someone by what their ancestors do, only by what they do themselves.

Blogger silas said...

There was a conversation that I haven't reported, during which he makes it blindingly obvious he was a racist.

I didn't really want to type the contents up and put them on here as I didn't want anyone thinking they were my comments, or deliberately taking them out of context.

Blogger kingoftheforks said...

So what's the point of this "blog" then?

You had a conversation (which you don't tell us about) with some nameless bloke which led you to believe he's a racist. You're trying to get him sacked. Compelling stuff- great work.

WHY hasn't the body of the press recognised your genius and offered you work yet? I don't understand it.

Mind you - the government don't seem to have consulted you re. average speed cameras yet - the world has certainly gone mad...

Blogger silas said...

Yeah, I should just make up a whole load of stuff to make it more interesting and then sell it as an undercover expose to an all too gullible press.

Nice to have you back Jim.


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