Friday, August 04, 2006

Instantly Disliking People.

A girl I knew many years ago had a theory that people you took an instant dislike to were people who had been unpleasant to you in a past life. Which is an interesting theory, but not one I'm necessarily going to subscribe to. I mention it only as an introduction to what happened to me last night.

I went to the CAMRA Beer Festival at Earl's Court to meet up with my flatmate and some people she'd gone with. By the time I'd got there - after work, and a 45min queue to get in - there was only her and this guy Steev. And yes, I have typed that right, he's called Steev. Not Steve. Steev.

Anyhoo, we meet up and it's obvious that they've been enjoying the festival for a while. No problem in that, and I would've been the same had they arrived after me. So we wander around looking for a couple of specific stands they wanted to check out. After we'd been to two of them, I realised that the stands were based on areas of the country and I mentioned I wanted to go and look for the Newcastle one - seeing as I'm from there.

Steev then tells me that it's probably not got it's own section, but it would probably be in either the North-West section or the Liverpool section.... I point out that Newcastle is on the East coast and nowhere near Liverpool. He then does the standard "well it's outside the M25, so who cares?" and tells me that his accent is "educated" unlike Northerners'. So educated that he's clueless about the geography of Great Britain apparently, but never mind, he has got "an IQ of 150". Also, handily, he mentions he hasn't seen any "Newky Brown".

As an aside, I HATE the phrase "Newky Brown" being used by anyone from outside of Newcastle - and I'm non too fond of people from Newcastle using it either. Newquay (the homonym) is in Cornwall, Newcastle isn't. We don't call London Pride "Lundy Pride" do we? No, and you know why? Lundy is somewhere fucking else, you geographically challenged bastards.

So, as you're probably guessing, I'm taking a dislike to him. While I'm thinking about pouring my beer over his head and glassing him in the neck, I decide that this would probably look like an over reaction, so decide to walk away from him. I inform Jane of this, and tell her I'm going to find the Newcastle beers.

About 20mins later I get a call from Steev asking me if I know where Jane is. I tell him when I left, he was standing right next to her. He then says "no, you were standing next to her when I left". At which point I begin to realise that he's probably taken a complete dislike of me and wandered off at pretty much exactly the same time.

Maybe we have both known each other in a previous life. Or maybe we're both as big a twat as each other.


Blogger kingoftheforks said...

You are not from Newcastle.

You are from Wide Open.

Which wouldn't be confused with anywhere else, because nowhere else has the ridiculous name Wide Open.

Do you think we knew each other in a past life?


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