Sunday, July 23, 2006

Shopping For CDs? A Recommendation.

I know it's a bit old-fashioned to actually buy CDs these days - as opposed to merely downloading them legally or illegally off the interpixieweb - but if you do, and you live in London, can I recommend Fopps?

Due to me having lost many, many CDs over the years - not the case you understand, just the disc - I decided to re-buy several of my collection. I'm glad I found this place as most of the stuff I bought was about £4 to £5 an album. There is a HUGE selection of artists, nicely laid out over two floors, including new releases at £9 to £10 an album. They also do DVDs and (mostly music related) books.

Being slightly surprised at the low prices, I started buying things I'd never owned before. But when it's a double live CD of The Wonderstuff for £3, or the first three Duran Duran albums in a boxed set for £7, it is easy to get excited. I left £42 lighter, but lots of discs to the good.

Fopps is located just off Shaftesbury Avenue where it meets Charing Cross Road. If you stand with your back to the theatre where Les Miserables used to be (and Spamalot will soon be, apparently) then it's pretty much in front of you on the far side of the crossroads. I don't think they have a website, but as part of the pleasure of going to a record store is actually looking through what else there is, this doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Usual disclaimer, I do not currently and have never previously worked for Fopps or its parent company (whoever they may be). If you go and don't like it as much as I did, then there's probably something wrong with you, or you're Jim (kingoftheforks) and only disliking it on purpose.


Blogger Janie said...

You didn't find Fopp (no 's'), I did. And they have a website

Just so's we get the story straight ;) xx

Blogger kingoftheforks said...

And you do work for them - you're on a profit share and everything.

CD's are so 1980's, and so are you.

Blogger peejay said...

I found Fopp in Edinburgh cica 1991 well before Silas started to sweep the floors for them. Apparently if he's a good Silas, and puts his dustpan and brush away as per the training manual, then weekly he's allowed to take one of the CDs, but only if it has a broken case, from the 99p bin that's on display in the street.

Blogger phatbloke said...

Whoopee do you bought some crap old cd's from some Foppish outlet you 'discovered' boring...
See that copy of Hup by the Wonderstuff, the one with the cracked case and signs of substance abuse, the one no one listens to, that's you that is.

Blogger silas said...

Okay, in order: Jane did find Fopp, not me. I am so 1980's, yes. Although PJ found Fopp in Edinburgh and Cardiff, he had no idea there was one in London, so this was informative to someone. And Dave, See that old dusty 8 track cassette deck? The one in the corner that's really old and useless, but too heavy to throw out? That's you, that is.


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