Friday, July 07, 2006

I don't know if you've seen this (, but Gary McKinnon is likely to be extradited to the USA to stand trial (probably, there's no guarantee of that) on charges of hacking into US Government computers. His only hope is that the High Court overturns this if/when he appeals.

I've sent Tony Blair the following email (via as there's no email address for John Reid (whose department oversaw the extradition proposal from the US Government). I've also sent this to the Home Office (Reid's department, the one he called not fit for purpose) but I'm not expecting a reply from that. If you wish to try getting a response, his snail mail address is;

The Rt Hon. John Reid, Home Secretary.
The Home Office,
50 Queen Anne's Gate,

"I am writing to ask why the UK are extraditing Gary McKinnon to the US for allegedly hacking into US computers. As Mr McKinnon was on British soil at the time of the alleged crime, why is he not being put on trial in the UK?

I was under the impression that we were not extraditing people to countries with poor human rights records or where they are not guaranteed a fair trial. The US have executed a man with the mental age of a child, and have held foreign nationals without charge or trial for over four years.

I would like to protest in the strongest possible terms that this decision is overturned. However, you have removed most of my ability to protest - well done on that - so I shall have to use the only way left to me: persuade people to vote you out of power."

Okay, so it's not that much of a threat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christ Dude you need to get a life and some valium. You used to be known for ranting when I worked for you and it seems to have steadily progressed over the years until you are now at "Grumpy Old Man" status. What happened to the Peruvian Marching Powder fanatic we used to know and love? The man who laughed in the face of the terminally dippy freshers and proudly stood tall (well tall for a hobbit) and proclaimed "Go and talk about your A level results and where you are from and which other Universities knocked you back, outside!!"

Blogger kingoftheforks said...

Christ dude you need to get a life.

I find your posturing tiring and only very very slightly more irritating than boring.

Oh no, hang on , I am REALLY bored.

You wrote a letter - well done you, big fucking deal. I write letters all the time, but I don't bang on about it like anyone would be interested - why should they?

God, I've just lost the will to live.

I hope you fall down the stairs and break your ankle.


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