Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tunes from the "good old days"

I used to go to Middlesex University. Well, technically, it was a Polytechnic when I started, but it was a University by the time I finished my degree, so I'm going to call it a University from hereon.

So. While at Middlesex University, there was a regular selection of events put on by our esteemed ENTS Department. One of those events was a disco called "Dom-One". The reasons behind the name are fairly straightforward, but dull, so just content yourself with knowing that. Anyhow, the Dom-One disco was, for many years, THE event to go to.

Despite the fact that it was on a Tuesday night. Despite the fact that it was at the Trent Park campus and the bus service finished before the event so you'd probably have to walk home. Despite the fact the DJs who played couldn't mix. Despite all this, it was brilliant.

Brilliant and crap. At once. The tunes were generally pop trash from the 60s, 70s and 80s with the odd standout indie anthem. And that leads me, finally, to the point of this post. I'm trying to put together a Dom-One style set list of tunes for a party and I want some suggestions of songs that I probably will have forgotten about. So avoid the obvious ones - Abba, Sister Sledge, Whigfield, Village People, REM, Grease OST etc - I want stuff like "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction (not that one obviously, as I haven't forgotten it).

Stuff that I haven't heard since 1992, basically.

Once I'm happy with the running order of the songs (and I'm going for the full 8pm - 12am set) I'll post them, so you can recreate the "magic" in the comfort of your own lounge/bedroom/garden/head.

For the true experience though, turn your heating up to full (and turn a humidifier on full blast), shine a torch directly into your eyes (then turn it off then on again sporadically), have alcohol available (but be unable to get any) and rub a greased up pig against yourself whilst playing tunes you don't really like (but the person you fancy does, so you pretend to in the vague hope of having sex).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Trumpton Riots by half man half biscuit. Is this too late?
Guess who by the way!

Blogger silas said...

I'd take a guess at James Brameld, but I'm prepared to be wrong. And no, you're not too late.


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