Tuesday, June 20, 2006

David Letterman is out of ideas.

While waiting for "The Daily Show" to start on More4 last night, I made the mistake of tuning in to the David Letterman show. Now, is it me, or did he used to be good? I know his style has been copied quite a lot most notably in the UK by Jonathan Ross (mainly on "The Last Resort" but it's cropping up again on "Friday Night with...") and recently by Paul O'Grady, but his schtick is starting to wear thin.

I find his interviews quite creepy (the one with Robert Duval last night was excruciating) but the thing that really irritated me was he seems to be stealing his ideas. "Will It Float?" seems to be based exclusively on "Will It Float or Will It Sink?" from Sky One's "Braniac". Basically, objects have their buoyancy questioned, then are dropped into water by scantily-clad females and either sink, or float. And that's it. That had about a three minute section on "The Letterman Show". Unbelievable.

How bad is your life when you start taking ideas from a programme hosted by Jon Tickle and Richard Hammond? I mean. Wow.

Oh, and just so you know, a boxed inflatable paddling pool (with a DVD player for some reason) will float in water.


Blogger kingoftheforks said...

Well I think it is the BEST THING EVER.

And I haven't even seen it.


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