Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So I didn't continue my rant the following day.

My apologies for that. I was planning on doing so, but then got involved in work related matters, which then led on to the trip to Newcastle, and that was extended until yesterday. So that's the excuses out of the way for why I haven't completed it up until now. Now here are the excuses for why it won't be completed today or probably tomorrow: I'm going to Leighton Buzzard and then Coventry to do two installations and won't be back until this evening.

If the M1 today is ANYTHING like yesterday, it will probably take me about 5 hours to get back from Coventry. I have never been in a thunderstorm like the one that was going on yesterday. It started in the usual way, sky looking a weird colour and lots of interference on Radio5. Then it started raining, followed by lots of sheet lightning. Then bolt lightning on all sides. Then it really started raining. And then the wind picked right up and the biggest hailstones I've ever seen started smashing into the windscreen. All the traffic stopped and everyone I could see was just looking up at the sky in amazement.

You know those maniacs who chase hurricanes? I felt like one of those who'd suddenly got a lot closer to the action than they'd intended. I kept thinking that it wasn't going to be long before I'd need a new windscreen or the van would be hit by lightning. While I was fairly sure I'd be okay if the van got hit (I've seen Richard Hammond do this on Top Gear and he's still alive) I was concerned that the electrics would be taken out.

Which would be more than irritating, as the starter motor stopped working at Trowell Services and I had to be bump started by the RAC - who told me not to stop until I got back to London as I wouldn't get it started again. The thought of breaking down in the Average Speed Camera section of the M1 Southbound was more worrying than being hit by lightning (and a great deal more likely to occur) or losing the windscreen.

So yeah, that's why I haven't ranted about economic inequality or why Conservatives are evil. But I will. Assuming I get back alive from Coventry.


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