Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Note About This Coming Weekend.

Not that exciting a post, just to let people who may be interested know where I'll be this weekend.

Going to Newcastle for work-related frivolity. Should be leaving London around 6am on Saturday and getting into Newcastle about 11am (honestly Mr Policeman, I won't be breaking the speed limit). Pottering around most of Saturday - and anyone who's in the area who knows me, please come and meet me for a drink for the England game, I'll be in The Bridge Inn in Annitsford.

Sunday I'm doing work stuff in and around Newcastle and Washington. Then on Monday I have the "delights" of Consett to look forward to before returning to London some point that day. I'll be back in the office on Tuesday and can be nudged in the usual fashion then.

As I warned, not an exciting post. Not even a rant. And I'll probably remove this when I'm back in London.


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