Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Away Again This Coming Weekend.

It's getting a bit repetitive, I know, but I won't be home again this weekend. Instead of sitting around at home watching TV, eating and generally doing nothing, I will be in Mold for Giles and Soph's wedding.

I'm planning on going up there Friday evening straight from work, and then having a relaxing evening by myself in a hotel before going onto the wedding the next day at Soughton Hall. This does depend on me managing to get somewhere to stay, as the thought of sleeping in Matt's car doesn't appeal so much now my ankle is screwed.

As it's unusual for me to wear a suit - or indeed a shirt and tie - I'll post a picture of me on here next week in full bib and tucker. I'll also stick a couple of photos up of the married couple as well.

So yeah, don't ring me on Saturday afternoon, my phone will be off and I don't listen to my answerphone messages.

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