Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Erosion Of Liberty

Following on from previous posts, I'm "delighted" to report that the police are now pushing to seek the authority to punish people without going to court. One of the few "rights" of the people since the Magna Carta, now on the verge of being removed.


Anonymous Oxy said...

So the police wanto to be able to hand out sentences whenever they like.

Will they be known as judges and shout "I am the Law".

Blogger silas said...

Do you know, I suspect it won't be quite as exciting as that. But just as arbitary, and if one of them goes rogue or - if I remember this correctly - the whole lot of them go rogue, then we'll end up in a police state. And the head of the police will make a horse a Judge.

Which is alarming, as I had America down as being the current day version of Ancient Rome.


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