Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday Night Is Quiz Night!

So, as is getting quite the norm for me, I made my way down to Islington's Mucky Pup last night for the pub quiz. Unusually, I was by myself for the entire quiz as none of the rest of my team made it along - and Hanson, if you are reading this, please either text me or email me, ta.

Despite (or possibly because of) this I managed to get fifth place, only two points off third. I like to think this was because of the lack of arguments. However, if I'd known anything about celebrity gossip, then I could've done better.

The last round for me was rubbish, particularly as I didn't know that Chantelle had got married with brown hair or that Preston's first name was Samuel. Or somebody's kid was called Beatrice. Or that one of the Princes was dating someone called Kate Middleton. If I had known that, then I might've won.

Similarly, if I hadn't assumed Paul McCartney's naming policy for his children wasn't entirely lager based - I only knew Stella, so guessed the rest were called Foster(s), Carl(sberg), (Tet)Lee(s) - I wouldn't have looked quite so stupid.


Blogger Mia said...

They're going to start calling you the Fifth Place King you know.

(quietly impressed)

Blogger Jamie said...

5th place by yourself? Sweet.

Even though I was living it up in Peru that week, on the night of your triumph I was nursing a nasty case of the shits after swallowing a quantity of the Urabamba river.

Just thought you'd like to know!


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