Saturday, October 07, 2006

You Can Be An Angel

The following is from Rebecca/Bob's parents, Bet & Peter:

"In the world of theatre ‘an angel’ is a person who gives financial support ‘to keep the show on the road’. It seems an appropriate term to help Rebecca Kaye in her fight for survival – she will have enthused you in workshops; she will have taught your children in school; she will have entertained you with comedy and song (Small Scale Theatre Co); trained with you in Performing Arts at Middlesex; and acted with you in primary schools in Scarborough – later at Launceston College.

For those of you who have never met Becca – she was born in Yorkshire in 1972 and with her sister Sam led a carefree childhood. Little did we know that a chance bout of sunburn when she was 16 would lead to the problems she now faces. A melanoma (skin blemish) was removed surgically seven years ago and we all hoped that all would be well. However last summer (2005) Becca was diagnosed as having two brain tumours. The largest was skilfully removed by surgery, the second treated with the latest radiotherapy techniques. Even so she was told that she only had months to live. There was no cure. Metastatic melanoma is the most lethal form of cancer. Cancer would continue to spread throughout her body.

Becca did not give in. Together with her tremendously caring and supportive partner Kev, she searched for hope where the NHS could offer none. She went to see a doctor/naturopath in London – Dr Etienne Callebout, who had successfully helped people overcome melanoma. Together they devised an intensive programme of organic diet and natural supplementation. As parents, Bet and I sourced and paid for the supplements – averaging £3,000 for each month. Expensive (although nothing compared to the cost of chemotherapy so widely used by the NHS) but it did provide hope where none existed. It has helped to keep Becca alive – and the NHS Team are always surprised by her ability to spring back – she survives beyond their expectations. Tumours do continue to grow (although very slowly) and the battle is not yet won. Becca wants to fight on! She is more determined than ever.

That is why we need to ask for your help. Our own savings have almost disappeared and the worst scenario any parent could envisage, would be to have to turn off the supply – to stop all hope. We know that many of you are willing to help. Just a small monthly contribution to ‘Becca’s Angels’ would mean that we can continue the programme of support. Hopefully we can enable Becca to reach a stage of remission. At the very least we will keep hope alive."

Please contact me via the comments section if you would like me to send you more information about ways in which you can contribute. Thanks.



Blogger silas said...

It's been suggested by someone I work with that I can help by being sponsored to get my head shaved...

I'm prepared to do this, but I want at least a grand for Bob's fund as I'm quite attached (both literally and metaphorically) to my hair. There'll be a post about this later after I've spoken to a couple of people.

Blogger silas said...

There are plans afoot to have a fundraising benefit gig at Trent Park SU on November 12th. I'll be emailing everyone that has sent me their contact details as soon as there's confirmation.

Blogger Demelza said...

the just giving website is a good way to get people to sponsor you. You can set up a charity page and it will take payments over the net and show your progress. Add yourself on there, set your £1000 target and send out the link to your page and we'll sponsor the headshave. Mel x

Blogger silas said...

Unfortunately not Mel. They need you to be a registered charity and as you can't register a charity that only benefits one person (which I found out last Monday) there isn't any likelihood of it being registered. So unfortunately I couldn't use that site. But thanks for the tip.

Blogger Demelza said...

That blows. I'll still sponsor you x


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