Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Telewest/Blueyonder: Problem "Too Expensive To Fix"

We've just been called by Blueyonder with regards to us leaving their service. Having offered us six months of free broadband yesterday, we asked when the fault was going to be fixed to see if it was worth us accepting the offer.

Surprise! They're not going to fix the problem! Fixing the problem is "too expensive" according to the Supervisor of the lady who rang us.

Oh. My. God.

So there's a fault, you're not providing the service we're paying for, you've known about it since June, and you're not going to fix it because it's too expensive!?! Wow. You guys rock. Like David Hasselhoff. When he's drunk. In Germany.

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Blogger Demelza said...

You get the worst deal when it comes to customer service. It's my pet hate. I'm feeling the frustration for you. I asked Barcalycard to tell me the APR on my current balance. Without ranting on too much the long and short of it is that after 20 mins of being on hold and lots of umms and ahhs the pleb of a girl said it wasn't on her screen and she couldn't work it out because there was a 0% balance transfer affecting some of my balance. Idiots. If they can't tell me what it is then how the hell do they work it out to charge me each month.


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