Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guest Blogger

Silas has very kindly allowed me, The Devil, to guest blog today. The fucking muppet. Still, it has just been our two year anniversary, so I think it is about time he gave me a little voice. Well, at least a voice that y'all can read without having to check the comments!

Firstly. Silas has a new addiction. May I refer you to his blog posting of Tuesday, October 24, 2006, where he said Sudoku ... what the fuck's that all about? He now does it religiously every day. The shame. Not so secret anymore!

Secondly, shoes. I have made repeated requests on many comments for y'all to convince Silas to buy me yet more shoes, after all, a girl can never have too many, can she? Yet not a one of you has complied. Do you not realise that, as the devil, I own your souls, and you could help me own more soles (Silas's gag, so if you think it's shit, blame him, if you think it's great, kudos to me!)

Thirdly, join us on our crusade to mock the believers in this world. They need telling that blind faith is both dumb and pathetic. (Silas is reading this over my shoulder and correcting me as I type. This may be the last posting on this blog, as I may be forced to slice him up in to tiny pieces and feed him to my decking!)

Fourthly, I wanted to just say to all those of you that read this blog, there is a wonderful button at the top of the page that says next blog. Press it. Go on. I dare you. Chances are there will be something far more interesting, certainly less ranty, and prolly much more entertaining (you might even get to see pictures of naked women!)

Lots of love. Ok. I lie. I can't love. That would imply I have a heart. Ambivalence to you all.

The devil



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