Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bah Humbug

I'm not usually one for doing a great deal at Xmas, this year being no exception, but I wouldn't mind actually going on a Company Christmas Party (CCP) for a change.

Not just for the usual excess of alcohol - which I can actually manage quite easily by myself, as mentioned previously - but for the shared entertainment of seeing people you work with get hilariously drunk and generally embarrass themselves for the next few months.

Unfortunately, where I am currently working, we don't do a CCP - my boss likes Xmas even less than I do, and will actually be doing the Paris-Dakar rally over the "festive period" - so I'm actively touting to go to someone else's.

So if anyone would like to invite me to their CCP, I'll consider each and any offer I receive, and then probably turn up. I'll even wear a suit if necessary and pretend I work in a different office. It needs to be somewhere within a couple of hours of London, but apart from that I'm not fussy.

/me sits back and waits for the offers to flood in.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Christmas party ?!
I used to get three at my old company: Company, departmental and team party.
Now I just get the one. That is better than none though, I admit.
Good luck with the party hunt.

Blogger Halaleset said...

Didn't I tell you about the uni party next thursday evening in teh Forum?

Jeez! Do you EVAH listen to me?

Beer ftw!

Me x

Blogger Mia said...

Damn, if I'd read this on Thursday I'd have invited you to my xmas do, which was in Hammersmith last night. That said, you'd have had to put up with a large amount of ladies talking about other ladies' front bottoms all night...

Blogger silas said...

Mia, it would have made a change from sitting listening to men talk bollocks.

Hal, no, obviously I don't.

Girl on a Train, thanks!


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