Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Being A New Man, From Newcastle, Man

Came in from work, sorted out our internet access again (Zen had a problem today which kicked us off, but I have now f1x0r3d* the router) then made a very nice meal (even if I do say so myself) of griddled vegetables with pan-fried smoked salmon fillet, and then, during the half-time of the Champions League match I was watching on ITV4, re-hung and re-attached the toilet door (which had come off the hinges late last week). I've also done some laundry and taken all the trash out (recycling kept apart, natch).

It's weird. I feel I should now go to the pub, get drunk, have a fight, and then come home and sew my own cuts together, while eating a kebab, just to restore the sense of balance.

Fret not though, I still don't do ironing.

* f1x0r3ed is the opposite of fux0r3d, by the way. As if that helps in the slightest. Oh, wait, this may help.



Blogger Halaleset said...

Joo forget, that after joo been fragging, and borked and munged yo'self, and while joo are sewing your own cuts, you will also fart like joo life depended on it. Oh wait ... joo already do :P Teh SuXX0r!

Especially after spooging over sum 1337 skrut h00trz you just spotted on teh pr0n channel n00b!

From your ever loving flatmate xxxx

Blogger Halaleset said...

Silas says "h00trz ftw!"

(bit bored today - think I'll play wow for a while)



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