Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fucked Company

When I used to work for Demon Internet, and the internet bubble was just about to burst for the first time, there was a fantastic website set up by a guy called Pud. On it, people would send in information about how badly their company was doing, and often send the internal memos detailing just how fucked. As the industry came crashing down - handily about a month after Demon were listed on the Stock Exchange - Fucked Company would become a sad and depressing read of businesses in freefall. Entertaining if you weren't directly involved, but sad nonetheless.

Since I stopped working for Demon, I kinda stopped paying too much attention to how badly certain companies were doing - with the notable exception of Demon itself. So I was pleased and surprised to see the name of Pud appear on the blogspot dashboard. Surely this couldn't be *the* Pud? Well, it is. And he's still an entertaining read, but now he seems to have turned into some kind of agony uncle. You can read him here. And I think you should, he's kinda a nicer version of Maddox.



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